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The River
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Penobscot River Guide Service
specializes in Smallmouth River
Bass. The average weight per fish is
Fish Species
Redfin & Golden Shiners, Dace, Crawfish, Hellgrammites, Stone Fly, Mayfly, etc.
Other species in the river include:
Penobscot River Restoration Project
Atlantic Salmon
Chain Pickerel
Yellow Perch
Walleye & Northern Pike
Forage Species
An occasional chatch of salmon does occur.
A catch of 1 or 2 per day is likely.
Are rarely caught.
Are not found in the river.
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1.99 lbs. You will catch Smallmouths up to 20" in length, more or less (4lbs.), with an occasional 5 pounder caught during the summer months. Depending upon the weather, and your skill level, you may expect to catch 20 to 60+ fish in a full day.